Creative Prompts

Monday March 23: PEACE

I find peace making art and looking at art. My favorite artist, Georgia O'Keeffe, is a perfect example. Her art inspires me and it brings me PEACE. Learn more about Georgia here. 

Tuesday March 24: MOVEMENT

In our Facebook Group Mrs. Aviles posted a dance challenge: "Send me your dancing clips, even if it is 30 can be choreographed or improvised(freestyle dance party) to by March 24th at 9PM" ***Please send her the raw video and she will edit it ad mash it all together with the other videos she recieves. **This video will be if you don't want to publicly be seen not send a video. Here is the song Dance Monkey by Tones & I 

Wednesday March 25: FRUIT

This is a fun activity I did with my Kindergaten artisits and some of my 2nd grade classes! Drawing with Mr. J's "Fruit Dance Party" Give it a try!  Fruit Dance Party 

Thursday March 26: DOODLE

Throughout the years there have been studies conducted on the benifits of doodling. It can help with consentration, focus, and it can be calming. Zentangles are a form of doodling that are meant to be calming. Here are some fun doodle encouraging links!  Zentangles for Kids Let's Draw: Simple Doodle Houses for Kids  Actually Sarah has a a LOT of doodle videos to follow Doodles by Sarah And of course my favorite book to read to my Kinder Artists is I'm NOT Just a Scribble by Diane Alber And we create our own scribbles!

Friday March 27: "SAY SOMETHING"

Watch what my one of my favorite author illustrators has to SAY....Peter H. Reynolds "Be Boldly. Create Bravely. BeYou." Create what you want how you want. What does it say? A rainbow might say "be kind". A vase of flowers might say "I care".


Monday March 30: JUST BREATHE

We begin every art class with a 60 second Mindful Moment. Take some time today to take a deep breath, refocus, and get ready for a a new week. Our Mindful Moment links is below under "Mindful Moments with Kira Willey. Also another amazing author/illustrator Scott Magoon reads his book BREATHE and offers a draw along with him! Check it out! Scott's Studio Storytime: Breathe 

Tuesday March 31: CRAYON

HAPPY NATIONAL CRAYON DAY! The crayon or "wax pastel" came into existence during the 16th century. In 1903, the company Binney & Smith brought these "wax crayons" to the US. We know them today as Crayola Crayons! Crayola Crayons are made today in Easton Pennsylvania! For your Creative Prompt today lets see those crayon creations!! The History of Crayola  The Life of an American Crayon

Collaborative Coloring Sheets! READ OUT LOUD: The Crayon Man

Wednesday April 1: SHADOW

You can go outside for this one! Or stay indoors. Artist use shadows in various ways in thier art. Sometimes the shadow is the art! Check out these videos..... Shadow of a Shape Art Lesson   Shadow Tracing Art Activity 6 Artists make Art with Shadows  Artist makes Art with Shadow Drawings

Thursday April 2: DESSERT

Lets see those delcious desserts! Here are some links to inspire you.... Drawing with Mr. J "Draw a donut playing a sport" Art withTrista "How to Draw a Cupcake" Art for Kids Hub Ice Cream Folding Surprise

Friday April 3: LINE

Line is in every piece of art you look at! It might be two or three dimentional, descriptive(tells you the shape of what your lookig at), implied(your brain thinks it there but it is not) or abstract(the artist's imagination)! Here are some fun Line activites! Continuous Line Bunny   How to do a Blind Contour DrawingContour DrawingMirrored Lines


Monday April 6: Art with Purpose

Art with Purpose is using your art to do good things! For example making an egg for the Riverside Towship Egg Hunt!Riverside Hunts 2020 Or making a card and mailing it to someone to let them know you were thinking of them! Mail Art Or just go outside and create some sidewalk chalk art! Check out one of my favortie artists, Kelsey Montague and her #whatliftsyou murals Kelsey Montague

Tuesday April 7: Emotion

Art is a great tool to communicate a feeling or feelings. You could use it to express how you are feeling or how you feel about something. You could also use art to help someone else feel good. Here are some art ideas that use emotion....... Drawing with Mr J "Draw a Plant with a feeling"  Listen to a reading of The Color Monster then draw your own Color Monster.

Cereal Box Sketckbook/Jornal : Write or draw how you feel. Cereal Box Sketchbook

Wednesday April 8: SMILE

Here is your chance to create ART WITH PURPOSE or just make someone smile! Yesterday Mrs. Leonti shared with use about Send-A-Smile. A woman in Moorestown NJ is collecting cards for senior citizens who are isolated. Check it out Send-A-Smile

Also Mrs. Kalustyan's sister is an ER nurse at Cooper Hospital. She is asking for students to write thank you notes to hospital staff memebers. Students can write a letter specifically to a doctor, nurse, custodian, aide, etc Or students can address general hospital staff. She is asking that letters be sent through email to her at  This way she can print them out and deliever them directly to her sister. THANK YOU!

Thursday April 9: CELEBRATE

Today at 12:30 begins Spring Break! Take some time and enjoy the little things in life! Have a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break!